• StarDial



    Align to the stars to tell the time. Look up, find the North Star, engage with the cosmos & know the time - truely magical!


    A night time clock for older children, seafarers, explorers & adventurers. A beautiful unique instrument based upon an ancient Nocturlabe. On a clear night you will be able to tell the time from the stars just the way our ancestors did. 


    So how is this possible... All stars are stationary, yet we rotate around in 24hours.* The North Star is at our apex and the stars close to it (circumpolar stars) appear to rotate anticlockwise around it over 24hours. By imagining a 24hour clock in the sky with the North Star in the centre and the Plough as an hour hand rotating round you can identify the time.


    How to use  F r e c k l e  StarDial:

    1. Find the Plough, imagine it is a laddle and locate the 2 stars where the liquid would pour from. Use the distance between these 2 stars and go forward 5x's this distance until you see a solitary star of medium brightness - this is the North Star

    2. Align the StarDial to todays date

    3. Hold the handle perpendicular to the ground

    4. Look at the North Star through the central hole

    5. Align the Plough on the StarDial to the Plough in the Sky

    6. The pointer will show the correct time, within 15-30minutes.


    The StarDial allows you to regain ancient knowledge, that for the most part, had been forgotten, while engaging in wonder at the night sky.


    Made from FSC, European wood, finished with cotton cord. Arrives in an embossed presentation box.


    *we actually rotate over 23.56hours but our clocks are set to a 24hour solar day. As we also move 1degree eastward around the sun adding an extra 4minutes to a day, making 24hours. Whereas, the sidereal (star) day is 23.56hours, this is why the StarDial adjusts 1degree backwards through the months, so keeping time with our current clocks.