• ProjectDesk

    It's my space...  My books are laid out.  My new pens in my pot.  My favorite things hung on my pegboard.  My playlist on.  All is in order, I am ready to start, I just want to get stuck in...


    ProjectDesk is for the older child, from 9 years and through their teens, it has larger dimensions than DeskDen and a pinboard instead of a doorway. 


    It is a unique workspace of their own.  With a storage box tucked under the desk for notebooks & stationery; a shelf for a pen pot or drink; a stunning oversized pegboard to hang their favourite things and a pinboard for notes and memories.


    It’s simple and pared-back design makes it a unique piece of modern furniture and a beautiful backdrop for your young persons imagination. Their own quiet & calm space with flexible storage, allowing them to orgnise their creative projects and focus on their school work. There are discreet cable holes so a laptop can be used at the desk or left to charge in the under desk storage box.

    Age 8-13.


    Made from FSC certified high grade birch plywood.  The contoured laminations are tactile and pleasing.  It’s a desk and a display for your child’s life. 


    Often we have little space in our homes, it’s slim design allows it to be packed down and easily stowed away.  Boxes pleasingly fold into boxes to be stowed away. 


    Each ProjectDesk comes with the following components:

    •      3 panel foldaway Deskden (peg board / folding desk / pinboard)
    •      2 x small storage boxes
    •      Small shelf
    •      Large lidded storage box (can stow away other boxes neatly inside)
    •      5 x pegboard pegs.


    Treated in Toy Safe Osmo Finishing oil.


    Designed and made in Wales, UK.


    To avoid waste we do small batch production. Please allow 3 weeks for manufacture plus delivery.