• Hula

    "Hula hula spinning round. Hula hula keep off the ground. Hula hula one, two, three. Hula hula spin with me." A very satisfying hoop to hula with or roll down hills - as it just keeps going! Children always gravitate towards this simple classic toy. Crafted from 12mm birch plywood showing the beautiful laminations, making it pleasing for play or just as lovely as a decorative item. They are hand finished with Treatex, a natural toxic free oil. It is available in a range of sizes. To check the right size, measure from the ground to the tummy button. We have listed them with the approximate ages for each size. Petit = 63-66cm (age 3-5) Small = 68-73cm (age 6-8) Medium = 74-79cm (age 9-11) Large = 80-84cm (adult) Made in Wales.