• DeskDen

    You can hear the earthy sound of pencil lead on paper but no one is to be seen, where is he? Then you realise the desk lid is up and door hanging down.  He is in there busily drawing in his own secret place.


    Beautifully crafted desk come playden, made from FSC certified high grade birch plywood, the contoured laminations are tactile and elegant.  


    DeskDen combines a desk and a space for endless role play.  As a play space, it does not tell your child what it is but waits for them to decide.  Today it is a fort, a hideaway, a shop, a bothy, a boat, a school, a cave, a puppet show, a castle, their den or just a desk.  The possibilities are endless.  In role play they plan, prepare and reinact the world, their imagination is key, igniting creativity and inginuity not just for now but for their future. 


    As a desk there is ample space to create and store stationery.  Like an old school room desk there is a box under the desk lid for stationery and notebooks.  A little shelf to hold a periscope or favorite toy and two cubby boxes for pens.  A stunning oversized pegboard to hang their important things and a door to escape through.  


    Additional panels (a pin board to replace the doorway) and feet raisers can be purchased to prolong the product into teens.


    Often we have little space in our homes, it’s slim design allows it to be packed down and easily stowed away. Boxes pleasingly fold into boxes to be put away waiting to be played with another day. 


    Each DeskDen comes with the following components:

    •    3 panel foldaway Deskden (peg board / folding desk / doorway)
    •    2 x cubby storage boxes
    •    Small shelf
    •    Small display ledge
    •    Long display ledge
    •    Chalkboard plaque
    •    Large lidded storage box (that can stow other boxes neatly inside)
    •    5 x pegboard pegs.


    Hand finished with Treatex, a natural toxic free finishing oil.


    Designed and made in Wales, UK.



    Height - 102cm

    Desk Height - 63cm 

    Width - minimum,120cm (when leaves are at right angles to the desk) & maximum,155cm (when leaves are fully expanded)


    To avoid waste we do small batch production. Please allow 3 weeks for manufacture plus delivery.