Founded by Chloé and Janine, Freckle, comes from a friendship, which has grown alongside our children.  Over coffee, with the background chatter from our little ones, we spent months developing the perfect play companions for our children to immerse themselves. 


Freckle designs pared back elegant furniture and toys for children.  They are proudly designed and made in Wales, UK from high grade birch plywood.   

We love imaginative play - real play.  When you catch them out of the corner of your eye chattering to themselves.  Simple objects give them freedom and ignites their imagination.  When involved in imaginative play children manipulate objects and their surroundings; they become visionaries, re-enacting their unique world verbally and none verbally.  Always creating and always learning as they go.  The beautiful simplicity of Freckle products accesses this wonderful aspect of being a child.


For months we talked about a simple pared back playhouse.  It had to be beautiful, with a minimal profile; both to fit within our small gardens, whilst not imposing any conditions into their play.  We both loved the Welsh black barns scattered throughout our rugged countryside.  We set about building a playhouse with 2 storeys, double skinned and lined with Welsh Lambs wool for insulation.  We are now on our second design, which is smaller with a single skin but still has the fun of being 2 storey.

In the winter months, when we could not work outside, we started to think of other projects.  After hours of watching our children love to draw and love to hide, we were inspired to create DeskDen and for an older child, ProjectDesk.  Then followed Barrow, as so often their play would start with orginising and planning.  They would stack objects and wheel them from every room to their den.  These are the first of our products, at the start of this exciting new partnership.