At Freckle we are focused on sustainability and making our impact on the environment as low as we can.  We have the advantage of this being a new venture, so from the start we have been conscientious about our effects on the environment.  All our products are designed, made and dispatched in South Wales.  Where possible we use local suppliers for our materials.


We aim to have no plastic in our products and have also limited it to the bare minimum in the running of our company and manufacturing processes.  Plastic and disposable items are so embroiled in our lives and children's toys but we have worked hard to consciously remove them.


Our larger products are made from high grade birch plywood.  This wood is certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), harvested from European forests that are ethically managed.  Birch is a fast growing wood so having much less environmental impact than dark hard woods.  FSC ensures a sustainable process, as the forest stewards look after the landscape preventing damage to the eco-system including wildlife, soil, water table as well as the trees themselves.  When the trees are felled new saplings are planted. FSC take a long view managing the forests for the future. 

For our smaller products we use waste oak, foraged from the off cuts at local wood joineries.  This is wood that would ordinarily be disposed of.


The cotton we use is organic.  This means that the cotton seeds are not genetically modified and no toxic chemicals or fertilisers are used in growing them.  This results in less impact on the soil, air and water table.  As such the biodiversity of the eco-system can stay diverse.  Organic cotton has phenomenally less impact on our world, it uses on average 88% less water and 62% less energy than growing conventional cotton.


When packaging our products for dispatch, we reuse any suitable packaging materials we have in the studio before using new.  The new packaging we use is made from recycled Kraft paper or cardboard and is of a quality that can be used again when it reaches you.  We limit the amount of packaging tape we use (please remove this from the parcels before you reuse / recycle) and for all smaller items we aim to send without plastic packaging tape.



Our company ethos is built around our products having longevity.  What we buy for our children should be considered and long lasting.  As such we provide additions that can be added, so the DeskDen can be turned into a ProjectDesk.  Also, when the Bothy 2.0 is no longer needed as a playhouse the mezzanine can be removed, a desk added and it becomes a simple studio for their studies.  We hope that our products will never reach landfill at any point in their journey, they are of the highest quality and can be passed down and treasured within families, or taken to a charity store to be purchased and loved by someone else.  In addition all components of our products can be recycled.