I can hear laughter.  As I knock it all goes silent, just one little voice whispers 'quick run'.  I open the door as the last foot escapes through the tiny backdoor.  All I hear is footsteps and giggles as they run through the garden undergrowth.

The black Bothy is inspired by the Bothies in Scotland and Wales and the beautiful black barns we see punctuating our rugged Welsh landscape.


Our Bothy Playhouse is pared back and minimal.  A simple structure to inspire, providing a blank canvas for their play.


There is a picture window to watch the leaves gently blow; a side hatch for serving what ever delights they conjure up; a tiny back door, which only a child can fit through; a spy hole in the door, to see if it is friend or foe approaching and a 2nd mezzanine floor, to make it feel like a real home. 


The idea of a 2 storey playhouse brought such delight to our children.  We have designed a mezzanine that can be slid from one side to the other, with a beautiful rabbit hole to climb up through and positioned the mezzanine just at the right height to make the jump to the ground feel adventurous.  


The Bothy is available in 2 sizes.  Bothy 2.0 - 2m square, double skinned plywood and lined with insulating Welsh lambs wool.  Bothy 1.45 - 1m45cm square with single skin plywood (still retaining all the other design features, just on a smaller scale).  Both are treated with non-toxic Black Barn paint and are roofed with Onduline corrugation.  We also offer a custom design service working with you to create the perfect size and orientation for your garden.  


Freckle Bothy prices are in the range of £1400 - £2900 depending upon the size and specification.  They are available to order.

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